Complete School ERP/Complete College ERP

The Educhronical School and college Management System and College Management System is a dynamic platform which allows educational institutions to manage their whole organization

School ERP/College ERP

Educhronical is a Virtual Tool for school and college and total school and college management system that automates your all the functions of a school and college. It consists of extensive modules that automate each areas of school and college management for Maximum productivity and excellence in school and college administration and operation. More easy to use and intuitive navigation and interfaces enables students from even primary classes to use the Educhronical without any help or training. It can be quickly customized for any school and colleges and college to suit their specific mode of operations. Educhronical has been developed with technical Ability that ensures availability and flexibility of Educhronical anytime anywhere anyhow. we directly moderate and upgrade to the product are seamlessly and freely passed to the customers for their beneficial convenience . It has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology by the experienced, skilled and highly qualified team after intensive research using secure, reliable and scalable architecture. Ethics, professionalism and absolute quality are the ruling principles of the team behind Educhronical.

Admission Module

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the complete registration and admission process of the school and college. Any prospective student or job seeker can register electronically on the Educhronical and can recording the progress of selection process. A school and collage’s admissions office can easily set up an online and offline application and communicate with the prospective students and job seekers. Candidates can save the application while filling in multiple sessions and can submit on completion. Necessary documents can be scanned and electronically attached for faster processing. School and colleges can select the candidates online and offline and intimation mail can be sent to the candidates online and offline.


Get users registered by self and create a user login account. Automatically set password and validate user on registration.

Provide personal user accounts with respective students and job seekers from which they can apply online and offline, save their application and get progress status and updates

On selection transfer their application Information automatically to student's or staff's personnel records for maintenance and view.

Student Management

Manage students profile on many information related to students personal, family and academic Information.


• Add, update and view student profile including information on personal Information, contact Information, academic Information, gurdian & guardian's Information, emergency addresses and prior school and college history. List and search students records using many advance engine like academic session , grade, stream, section, school and college branch or student Information.

Staff Management

Manage staff profile records’ on many information related to staff basic, personnel, professional and salary Information, leave Information etc.


Add, update and view staff profile including information on personal Information, contact Information, personnel Information, official Information, skill Information and salary Information.

List and search staff records using many advance engines like academic session (for historical records), school and college branch or staff Information.

Staff can be mapped with school and college branch, department, grade, course, qualification and salary components. Class teachers can be set up from staff against a grade and section.

Many reports can be shown out on staff information.

Attendance Module

Student and Staff attendance is maintained on the system. Class teachers can check attendance of students of their class which can be viewed by other teachers, students and their gurdian. Many administrative reports can be shown out of the system on attendance pattern. Staff can mark their IN and OUT time in the system. Educhronical can also integrate the staff/student attendance with any access control of the school and colleges for automatic marking of attendance.

  • Class teacher can mark student's attendance of their class as Present, Absent, Informed Absent or Late. Teachers, students and gurdian can see the marked attendance of the students.
  • Staff can mark their daily IN and OUT and system captures the staff's attendance data that can be used for payroll purposes.
  • Many administrative user friendly reports can be published for staff and students from many classes of current or past session.

Academic Work

Academic Work can be setup against each grades. Houses are set up by the administrator and can be allocated to students and staff members for interhouse competitions. Task assigned and results declared can be tracked and maintained online and offline.

  • Work can be set up for a session and duration. Examines can be mapped and results of competition can be recorded online and offline.
  • Houses can be set up with their charter, warden and captain. These houses can be allocated to students and staff members.
  • Many reports can be created for Work, their schedules and their results.


Examination and tests can be modify by administrator. Exams can be associated with courses and grades and schedule can be published for students, teachers and guardian.

  • Set up and modify and edit examination for a session for any grade, stream and section. Define exam type and annual collaboration in the report card.
  • Manage a schedule for the examination for specific course and grade. Define the maximum marks, passing marks and duration of the examination.
  • Generate report cards accessible online and offline to students and guardian.


Create Timetable for all staff members for many classes of associated courses on particular day and periods. Allocate rooms and Work to the periods of the timetable. Provide many views of the timetable to staff and students.

  • Create regular and substitution timetable for classes for all the weeks. Set substitution timetables for specific week for a specific class to override the regular timetable. Everyone's views changes automatically based on effective timetable.
  • Schedule staff and courses against periods and days. Schedule Work for a week in periods and use the facility to set the rooms for periods of the timetable.
  • Class view of timetable for students and gurdian, staff view of timetable for staff. Holidays integrated in timetable. Timetable also integrated with staff appointments.
  • Modify and edit branch wise, class wise periods and their timings using master screens.

Master Curriculum

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the curriculum of the school and college.

  • Modify and edit branch, term, grade/section/stream & course
  • Modify and edit location, department, designation
  • Modify and edit period, document, qualification

Staff Leave and Grievance Management

Holidays and Leaves of a school and college can be maintained on Educhronical. Define holiday calendar for the school and college and create leave type categories and leave inventory for different leave baskets for a session for staff. Based on the administrative holiday and leave inventory configuration, students and guardian can view the holiday calendar and staff can additionally check their leave account including availed, carry forward and balances. Staff can track their leaves taken during any academic session.

  • Create Holiday calendar which will then be available for viewing by staff, students and guardian.
  • Set up leave category baskets and create leave inventory for those baskets for a session. This will be available to staff as their leave balance. Also set up leave basket rules for carry forward, half day allowed, encashment, etc.
  • Staff can check their leave balance, leave availed and carry forward. They can apply leave online and offline for approval from respective department heads. Auto calculation of leave inventory is done on the system
  • Many administrative reports can be shown out from the system.

Recruitment Management

The complete recruitment workflow starting from job postings, job application, short listing and selection of candidates, referral and final selection is automated in the system. Offer letters can be created online and offline for the selected candidates. User users can see the job posting on the Educhronical website, can apply online and offline and track their status.

  • Create job postings online and offline which can be viewed by both internal as well as user users.
  • User users can create their profile and apply against the job postings and track their status of progress. Employees and students can view postings and upload resume of their referrals against the postings and can track them.
  • View all the job applications and process them for selection on the system. Candidates and referrers can see the real time status. On selection generate offer letter online and offline.
  • Selection and other reports can be shown out from the system.

Grievance Management

Educhronical has an online and offline grievance module where student and staff can raise their concerns and log it online and offline. The grievance area can be assigned to any staff members for resolution. Grievance's status can be tracked by requestor and resolution can be seen on the system itself.

  • Human resources can receive grievances online and offline in many areas
  • Assign and track grievance status online and offline
  • Update resolution online and offline by the assignee to be viewed by requestor

Library Management

Library module is the complete automation of the library functions and processes like items inventory maintenance, issue or return item, issue request queue management, fine and waivers.

  • Add, update, search and view library items. Maintain complete inventory Information and check availability status.
  • Request an item for issue if available to queued the request queue if already issued. Librarian can issue and return the item based on request priority.
  • Modify and edit fine calculation settings, manage fine on the overdue items. Allow waivers on fines and other library configurations.
  • Reports on inventory, issue/return status, fine and waiver.

Fee Management & Payroll

Define many fee components and club them into groups to create many flexible fee structures. Define many type of fee waivers (absolute or percentage) and associate waivers and scholarships with students. Fee collection by school and college and payment by students and other payments maintenance like book, dresses etc. can be done online and offline. Salary structure can be defined including any allowances or deductions. Monthly pay slips can be created and maintained in the system.

  • Create and maintain many fee structures using flexible and configurable components. Associate fees with many grades and streams for auto fee calculations of associated students.
  • Create much type of scholarships and fee waivers and associate with students for automatic special fee calculations of waived students.
  • Auto fee calculations and online and offline fee payment collection and tracking for students. Other payments collection and detail maintenance.
  • Create and maintain many salary components, allowances and deductions. Group these salary components and associate with staff to create staff salary structure. Monthly pay slip generation.
  • Run many reports to see financial Information, fee collections, fines, waivers and salary slips.

Application Security & Access Control

Educhronical provides accurate application security and access control management.

  • User access creation and module access setup
  • User maintenance
  • User access assignment to users

Reports Management

Administrative, management and functional reports related to all the modules are available in Educhronical.

  • Reports for students and guardian
  • Reports for teachers and staff
  • Reports for administrators

Dashboard Operations

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the front office operations of a school and college.

  • Staff appointments maintenance
  • Grievance maintenance
  • Document (No dues, character, transfer, etc) request, collection and tracking

Transport Management

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the complete transport of the school and collages.

  • Transport request tracking
  • Route and stop allocation to student and staff
  • Vehicle maintenance

Hostel Management

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the complete hostel setup of the school and college.

  • Hostel, its room and their cost set up and maintenance
  • Hostel allocation request tracking
  • Hostel room allocation to student and staff
  • Outing request and Visitor list maintenance

Inventory Management

Educhronical helps in Handling as well managing the inventories of the school and college.

  • Inventory category and store setup
  • Inventory item maintenance
  • Request log maintenance and tracking
  • Purchase order and its detail maintenance