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Payroll Management Software

Employee, EPF, ESIC,IT,etc..

PF/ESI calculation for single level as well as mutiple level is done automatically based on the wages detail,Ready to use PF/ESI Reports & return files are auto generated that can be uploaded to respective department with ease,Auto-generate PF electronic challan cum return (ECR) & ESI return file for direct upload even for multiple PF/ESI codes.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Trade,sale,purchase,balance sheet,debit,credit etc..

Inventory Management, For any trader or distributor, inventory management is a top priority. Making sure that you do not run out of things to sell is an obvious factor, right? Well, on the face of it, inventory management seems simple, but it is not so.

Invoice Management Software

Invoice Management Contact,Item,price List,Estimates,payment recives,credits etc..

Made a sale? Craft and send professional invoices in minutes to make a good impression on your customers and get paid faster,Make sure your invoices are systematically checked before they reach your clients. Allow staff or even interns to create invoices and submit them for approval. Members with approval access can approve the invoices and then send them to the customers.

Conference Management Software

Conference Management Contact,Item,price List,Estimates,payment recives,credits etc..

Conference management tools are indispensable when it comes to running a successful modern research event. From the complexities of abstract management to cross-checking whether hundreds of presenters have registered (and paid), conferences are tricky beasts to manage. So it makes sense that there’s lots of software out there to help you maximise your time and efforts.

C & F Management Software

C & F Management Multiple units like cartons, pieces etc.Cargo receipt note documentation and printing,Standard rates for various packages optional,Label Printing with barcode,PDT interface for loading.Complete Order processing modulesCustomer Price Enquiry for Multiple years (Data can be imported from your existing Software, if any)Consolidation of statement of accounts, Group companies statement of accounts, daily bank position, Monthly comparisons etc.Master data can be imported from the existing software.Automated preparation of job manifestJob-wise profitability with revenue and expenditure Import of Microsoft Excel Data for ease of entering Transactions like Purchase / ImportsCustomizable as per user requirementsAutomatic invoice generation to Consigner / Consignee / AgentsOnline Updating.Online Package Enquiry.Cargo Receipt Note Enquiry..

Log e C & F software solution designed to meet the needs of Customs Brokers, Maritime Shipping Agents, Forwarding Agents, Logistics Companies, Transport Companies and Cargo Agents,The operations of your company and the management of its treasury will no longer cause you surprises or bank overdrafts.

Warehouse management system

Warehouse Management Support for serialized and lot controlled items,Add inventory descriptions to items,Define descriptors by type of product,Define operational requirements at the facility level with rules for inbound, outbound, and in-warehouse processes.

Warehouse management software made to help users improve the efficiency of tracking inventory and supplies as they move through a warehouse or distribution center. A WMS also makes certain processes, such as receiving, picking, and putting away products, faster and more accurate.

Jewellery management system

Jewellery Management Account,stock,GST,CRM,Karagirs,lendering,girvi,catloging,repairs, etc.

Jewellery Business Accountancy & Management. The Jewellery business has its own typical requirements which can not be fulfilled by a General Accounting Software that is available freely in the market. Team MMI recognized the Complications of the business and developed this unique ERP System to handle all the verticals of the trade such as Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail Showroom, Bullion Trade, Money Lending (Girvi), etc. Covering all the fragments as in Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Kundan & Antique Jewellery, etc.

KRA & Competancy based Employee Managment

KRA & Competancy based Employee Managment Human Capital Management,Recruitment,OnBoarding,Payroll,Performance Management,eForm,Learning & Development,Incident Management,Social HR,HR Analytics & Metrics,Engagement Survey,Talent Management,Employee Recognition,Remuneration Management,Workforce Planning,Workforce Analytics,Exit Analytics.

Competency Management software allows you to assess and define the gap between the requirements for a role and the level achieved by the employee, then close that gap via Learning & Development activities or recertification as required. Log e Competency Management software covers the vast majority of roles found in most organisations and is fully integrated with Learning Management, Performance Management and other Human Capital Management modules. You can use your own Competency Framework or one provided by log e to assess the levels of competence of your employees for any role.